Dirk Heindoerfer Photography was founded in 2009 as the high quality photographic service provider for architecture, interior design, construction, hospitality and creative industries in Asia. Based in Taipei, Taiwan we are realizing projects in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and worldwide.
We specialize in Night & Low Light Photography to capture the beauty of your property when mother nature shows off.
Architecture, Interior Design, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Real Estate ....... 

we make it shine to get you the most exposure and the highest price possible in any market.

海瑞揚Dirk Heindoerfer為德籍攝影師,專精於呈現該建築與空間的極致美並為其設計贏得獎項,對於夜景與低光源照度的精緻攝影更是他的強項,透過處理光源的手法去呈現該量體最極致的美。


Stunning images for amazing places.       

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